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Pard Talks

Revolution and Liminality in the Musical ‘Hamilton’

This talk explores the Broadway musical “Hamilton” (2015), which serves as a rich site of intersection where varied elements meet, come into conflict, and either blend or morphs into something new. This very act of intersecting–meeting at the border of one space and the next— marks “Hamilton” as a liminal space, and this talk argues that liminality serves as the foundation for Hamilton’s success.

About the presenter: Professor Mary Jo Lodge

Using Economics to Guide Healthcare Policy in the Age of COVID-19

Entering 2020, millions of Americans lacked adequate health insurance or faced high medical bills. Now, these problems have become more urgent as COVID-19 has strained the healthcare system and disproportionately affected many of the most vulnerable Americans. In this talk, we will explore how COVID-19 has laid bare these problems and how health economics research being conducted at Lafayette College and around the country can guide our national policy response.

About the presenter: Professor Adam Biener

Socio-cultural Changes Among Nomadic Livestock Producers in West Africa

Professor Wendy Wilson-Fall, Ph.D., works on themes of identity, culture, local histories, and social space. Her video is accompanied by an overview of her research, as well as photos from her trips to Africa for her publications on the African diaspora and continent-based projects, including slavery and unfree labor in Africa, the diaspora, and ethnic identity.

About the presenter

The Ups and Downs of Aerospace

This talk will be a quick tour of the aerospace industry from an engineering perspective, focusing on the amazing innovations and major setbacks that have both propelled and stalled this 100+ year-old engineering discipline. From the Wright Brothers to hypersonics, we’ll take a closer look at some of the major events and technologies shaped by the “need for speed.”  

About the presenter: Professor Tobias Rossman

The Best of Both Worlds: The Power of Merging Interdisciplinary Teaching and Scholarship

At Lafayette, teaching and research are interconnected, which creates a special opportunity for students and faculty to work together both in and out of the classroom. Learn from Professor Gabel how her interdisciplinary research project with Professor Yih-Choung Yu in Electrical and Computer Engineering offers students unique learning opportunities.

About the presenter: Professor Lisa Gabel

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Study Abroad Panel

What should families know as their students begin to consider studying abroad? Hear from the Study Abroad Office and from students who have recently participated in international learning opportunities. Studying abroad is an adventure that brings participants face to face with new perspectives and cultures. Students have the option to join programs led by Lafayette faculty or apply to approved programs sponsored by other institutions. 


Interested in learning more about Lafayette’s organic farm, LaFarm? Assistant Director of Food & Farm, Lisa Miskelly, will provide an overview of the 3-acre farm which provides healthy food to the community, multidisciplinary student engagement through classroom participation and academic research! 

Student-run Theater Production

Lafayette College Theater’s Everyman
Live Tonight! October 3 at 7:30 pm

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