Each week, over 60 Lafayette students enter classrooms, cafeterias, libraries and community rooms to share their love of learning.  They focus on developing math and literacy skills for children in the Easton Area School District, and tutoring helps them earn their Federal Work-Study Award.  For students who receive Federal Work-Study as part of their financial aid package, the America Reads Program allows them to contribute and connect with our local community.   They develop knowledge and skills about specific teaching and behavioral management techniques as well as a broader understanding of the educational and non-profit system as a whole.  One tutor reported, “The faculty at the school were incredibly welcoming and appreciative of our help as tutors.  It was nice to work with the kids and get off campus.”

Our partners truly value the energy and passion our students bring to the children.  We are grateful for the dedication and commitment of our tutors, and their connections with the children are invaluable assets to our community.   They participate in training, education and reflection, and they can select sites that work with their demanding course schedules.  The Landis Center for Community Engagement provides transportation to all sites beyond walking distance.  Tutor applications are available each semester for students who qualify for Federal Work Study, and many tutors remain committed throughout their time at Lafayette.  Additional information about leadership and employment opportunities can be found on our website.