Its official, the ATTIC is now the Academic Resource Hub! The Hub is still the home of Accessibility Services, Student Athlete Academic Support and remains the central location on campus for academic support and enrichment programs.

Specifically, the Hub’s Supplemental Instruction program is focused on developing and enhancing the learning skills needed to meet the high expectations of introductory courses in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Math, and Economics. SI Leaders, who are upper-class students that have already successfully completed the course during a previous semester, offer weekly review and question/answer sessions throughout the semester. Mentored Study Groups are available to students enrolled in foundational Engineering, Computer Science, and Chemistry courses, and also feature regularly scheduled sessions that provide students with opportunities to work collaboratively with their peers on homework and problem sets under the guidance of a trained tutor. Individual and Drop-In Tutoring is offered through the Hub for most 100-200 (and even a few 300+ level courses) in which there is not already a more structured program available. Hub tutoring compliments the academic support offered through certain academic departments such as Calculus Cavalry and the College Writing Program, and may be used in addition to these resources.

The Academic Resource Hub is certified as a Level 1 Program by the College Reading and Language Association. This means that its tutors receive regular training and supervision that prepares them to apply research-based techniques to guide student learning. Questions about the Hub can be directed to the Center’s Director, Dr. Christopher Selena by e-mail or by phone 610-330-5080