Fall 2018 marks an important moment for community engagement efforts at Lafayette.  On October 19th, we celebrated the Landis Center for Community Engagement as we officially merged the Center for Community Engagement and the Landis Community Outreach Center.  President Byerly, Mayor Panto, and Superintendent Reinhart offered remarks about the value of community engagement for Lafayette students, the community, and the school district.  30 children from Cheston, Paxinosa and March elementary schools joined the festivities as a reward for outstanding attendance.  We assembled care packages for local moms and prepared tiles for a shared MOSAIC art piece.  Our efforts are better together, and we are excited about the future of community engagement at Lafayette.

The Landis Center for Community Engagement joins students, faculty, staff, and community members to create knowledge and action for the betterment of ourselves and our communities.  Your student can take a community-based learning and research course, serve regularly at a local school or non-profit through our MOSAIC Program, or volunteer at a one-time project like Make A Difference Day in April.  We’re eager to launch our first blood drive competition with Lehigh University and the Miller-Keystone Blood Center.  The school that recruits the highest percentage of new donors will win, so please encourage your student to donate blood on November 28th.  Go Pards!  For more ways to get involved with Landis, please check out our website or encourage your student to stop by our offices at 522 March Street or 120 Farinon College Center!