Some students don’t get involved in clubs or organizations on campus beyond their classwork while they are adjusting to college life. And that’s okay, as everyone moves at their own pace. However, students who participate in the life of the campus somehow, through involvements of all shapes and sizes, tend to feel more connected. Plus, they often tend to expand their friend group and do better academically!

It’s never too late for students to dip their toes into leadership opportunities. Matter-of-fact, there are plentiful behind-the-scenes options they can try to test the waters.

These may include…

  • Doing graphic design for an emerging club trying to make an impact
  • Helping with lights or sound during a concert or theatrical event
  • Volunteering to assist at a campus event such as Family Weekend
  • Assisting with a hall council event
  • Being the social media mastermind for an organization trying to connect with students in multiple ways
  • Using organizational and computer skills to help a group put together an end-of-the-year report or event
  • Adding analytical skills into the mix as a club is developing their budget for the coming year

Encourage your student to try a leadership opportunity now, before the year is over. As a result, he or she will be ready to plunge into meaningful involvements when the new term begins in the fall.

If your student isn’t sure where to look for involvement opportunities, encourage him/her to talk with a Student Involvement staff member located in the Farinon College Center, another student who is involved, a trusted coach or advisor, peer counselors and faculty. They are bound to receive a wealth of recommendations!