Through Lafayette’s Office of Religious and Spiritual Life

The College Chaplain and Director of Religious and Spiritual Life works with students, faculty, and staff during times of grief and distress. Lafayette’s campus is interfaith and inclusive in nature. We are open to talk with anyone regarding issues of religion, spirituality, grief, and other topics related to purpose, values, and life goals.

This school year has been especially difficult for our campus related to issues of grief and loss. We’ve had three deaths among our current student body, as well as the deaths of a beloved staff member in the Biology department and the death of a recent graduate. The Chaplain’s office has been very involved in meeting with students, faculty, and staff to discuss how these losses have impacted our community and how we can find ways to support one another.

One way students can seek support is to get involved with TALL, which is a student-led grief group, advised by the Chaplain’s office. TALL stands for “Talking About Loss and Life” and is a space for students to meet and talk about issues of grief and loss. All Lafayette students are welcome to gather and share support relating to issues of death, divorce, illness, and changes in life circumstances. TALL is meeting during the spring semester on Tuesdays at 4:15 p.m. in Farinon 220.

Students and parents can contact Lafayette’s Chaplain, Rev. Alex Hendrickson, at 610-330-5959,, or Farinon College Center, room 115C, with any questions.