March 29, 2017

Move-Out Tips

  • The Way Home. How will your student get home? In his or her own vehicle? Will you borrow a truck or van to pick up your student? Are flight reservations needed? (Note: students must check their final exam schedule – exam dates will not be changed to due to airline conflicts.)
  • Storing Belongings. Some residence halls have limited space for students to store items over the summer. If your student is moving off campus, can some of the bigger items—carpets, furniture, etc.— be stored in that space? Or will you need to rent a storage space? Information for on-campus and off-campus storage facilities can be found on the Residence Life website.
  • Having Enough Containers. Boxes, trash bags and other containers are often at a premium during the end of the year. Make sure your student is well-equipped to start packing so that it doesn’t need to happen on the actual move-out day! Consider using suitcases and duffel bags, too. Any family visits during the rest of the semester should include taking items that can go home now.
  • Stuff Disposal. It’s important that students find out how to discard and recycle unwanted items within the halls. They can’t just leave items in their room or the hall, so encourage your student to talk with residence hall staff ahead of time. All students will receive information about Green Move-out which is an organization that collects unused or gently used household items that students can donate to local organizations. See the website for details.
  • Emotions May Surface. Saying goodbye to friends and moving on can be emotional for many students. Some may be excited or anxious about going home, starting a job, or being apart from their friend/support group. Be prepared that move-out day might not be all about the tasks of moving—be understanding.