As the spring semester keeps rolling on we are at an important time of the semester. During this time, students have an opportunity to select their courses for next semester, as well as make some important decisions regarding courses they are currently enrolled in.

At the end of March, the college distributed mid-term grades. Mid-term grades are given only to those students who have a grade of a ā€œDā€ or lower in any of their courses. These reports are forwarded to the Class Deans for review. Over the next couple of weeks the Advising Office will be meeting with students regarding mid-term grades to ensure that they are receiving the support and resources they need to be successful. If you have a student that may be in this situation, please encourage him or her to be proactive by scheduling an appointment with a class dean by calling the office at 610-330-5080.

As always the Advising Office is here for you and your student if you have any questions. Cheers to the rest of the semester.

Brandon Morris
First Year Class Dean & Fellowship Advisor