Your students did not get into Lafayette by luck – they are capable of handling all of the responsibilities of college life. As a loved one, you can provide an extra boost of support that a student might be needing. If your student’s birthday is approaching, or you would just like to tell them you are thinking of them, care packages can be ordered through our Dining Services website, found here: . You may opt to send a homemade care package, full of your own personal touches. Either option is always welcome – students love receiving unexpected packages! Although Thanksgiving is near, there is something special about receiving something from home while at college. Sometimes, the best care packages don’t need to be physical objects – they can be loving voicemails or even a personal letter.

While at Lafayette, students have amazing support systems – from caring faculty, dedicated tutors, supplemental instructors, Health Center and Counseling Center staff, administrators, and their own friend groups. You may want to remind your students of all of the resources available to them on campus. You may also encourage your student to study smart and unwind in productive ways. Williams Art Center is offering amazing shows at free or low cost to students, and many clubs on campus are hosting events into December, so there is always a chance to take a study break (especially necessary during Lafayette-Lehigh football weekend – the 152nd meeting!)

Student Government, of course, is always a resource for your students if they have any concerns or want to be more involved. Supporting our peers is what we aim to do. So they are in great hands. Thank you for sending us such amazing people to meet and grow with, and have a happy holiday!


L’Eunice Faust ’17
Student Government President