Students who would like to have informal conversations about their emotional and spiritual needs are welcome to meet with the College Chaplain, the Rev. Alex Hendrickson. Chaplain Hendrickson’s office is on the first floor of Farinon College Center (room 115C). Students are welcome to drop by during the school day or to email ( her to schedule an appointment.


Alexandra Hendrickson, director of religious life and College chaplain.

Sometimes students have issues or situations they’d like to talk through with a member of the Lafayette administration who can offer confidentiality, but may not require the specific expertise of the Counseling Center. Chaplain Hendrickson regularly talks with students about issues of grief and loss, interpersonal relationship concerns, stress and anxiety related to college transitions, and other topics that may be concerning to students.

Chaplain Hendrickson also works with a group of students who offer a casual, relaxed grief support group — Talking About Loss and Life. TALL meets several times each semester. Students can email Chaplain Hendrickson if they’d like to be informed of upcoming TALL meetings. If there is a death in your family and you are unable to come to campus to inform your student directly about the loss your family has suffered, Chaplain Hendrickson is available to inform your student. Parents can call her office if assistance is desired with death notification issues.

If students are looking to join a student club or organization related to their religious or spiritual tradition, or if they’d like more information about worship services available either on- or off-campus, more information can be found on the Religious Life Website.

The Office of Religious & Spiritual Life is a resource for students as they navigate the sometimes complicated college years.

Rev. Alex Hendrickson
College Chaplain, Director of
Religious & Spiritual Life
(610) 330-5959