Returning Student Arrivals
Welcome back!!! Returning students should check in upon arrival on Saturday & Sunday at Farinon. Please utilize this webpage for additional details:

First Year Move In
Be sure to access the webpage for this year’s big day!
New Families Orientation Schedule:

First Year students received the email below with arrival times and info from Residence Life. Check with your students for the time they were assigned!
As you prepare for your arrival to the College and your new home, please take time to review the information below related to First-Year Student Move-In.
There will be a lot of activity on campus as you arrive on.  To ensure that move-in is as efficient as possible, we have divided the Class of 2023 into arrival windows:
Your assigned arrival window is _______ on Friday, August 23rd.

*We have assigned arrival times to ease traffic flow and enable distribution of move-in helpers amongst multiple buildings.  We strongly encourage you to arrive within the assigned window, however, if you are unable to do so – there is no need to contact us – just be sure that you arrive to campus between 7am and 11am. 

Advanced planning, careful packing, and following the steps below will facilitate a smooth move-in process:
Follow signs and College staff and student volunteers who will direct you to a designated unloading area for your residence hall.
Park in designated unloading zone where you will be met by volunteers who will assist in unloading your car. 

MOVE IN TIP:  pack your items in sustainable, sturdy boxes, storage containers, sealed plastic bags, or other portable containers that will not open up while being carried by the volunteers.  Please label each item with your Name, Residence Hall & Room Number to ensure proper delivery.  Recycling centers will be set up for you to drop cardboard, Styrofoam, etc as part of the Green Move-in initiative.

  1. Check-in Step 1:  Report to the Residence Hall check-in table at your residence hall entrance to sign for your room key and receive your building access tag, or “checkpoint”.  The main entrance to your residence hall will be unlocked for the move-in period but be sure to carry your room key and checkpoint at all times so you don’t get locked out of your building and room later in the day.
  2. Check-in Step 2: Report to the Orientation check-in table adjacent to your residence hall for information about student and parent orientation.  You will be greeted by an Orientation Leader, who will provide information about the day’s events and tasks to complete (Student ID, mailbox key, etc).
  3. Once unloading is complete, the driver will be asked to move the vehicle to a parking area on campus (there will be signs and personnel with directions to these campus parking spaces).

IMPORTANT:  Please print and complete the attached Move-In Parking Tag (pdf) and bring it with you to campus.

Please note, because of cleaning and other academic year preparations, we are unable to accommodate early check-in.  Regardless of the hour that you move-in, there will be ample time to arrange your room and fully participate in student and family Orientation events.

We look forward to welcoming you and your family to campus on August 23rd!
Julie A. Mulé, Senior Associate Director of Residence Life