Our office frequently receives question about grades from parents and families. It is important to note that the College is required to follow the regulations established by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FEPRA). Students may request that a copy of their transcript be sent to their family at anytime. Lafayette’s policy on student records, http://registrar.lafayette.edu/ferpa, provides details about how we will typically answer these questions.

The key item of our record policy states, “Lafayette College seeks to teach students to become mature, reasoned, educated adults capable of defining and realizing their academic and personal developmental goals. To that end, the College practice is to regard students as the primary contact for interaction regarding information contained in student educational records and to respect the confidentiality of that information. The College encourages students to act responsibly by communicating directly with their parents.”

Students are graded throughout the semester as defined in the instructors’ syllabus. At midterm, faculty are asked to evaluate student performance and to report mid-term grades (only under C-) to our office. Midterm grades, which are not recorded on the permanent record, serve to identify and assist students encountering academic difficulty. When a mid-term grade is reported, the student is informed and these grades are shared with the students’ faculty adviser and their class dean. The class deans often meet in person or otherwise communicate with students and direct them to the appropriate resources on campus.

Permanent course grades are submitted by the professor and recorded at the end of each semester. Final grades are available online at the end of each semester, generally within 48 hours of the time grades are due as noted in the academic calendar. Students can request a printed copy from the Office of the Registrar prior to the end of the term or a copy of their complete transcript at any time.


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